Educational Visit

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year!

We are nearly 6 weeks into the school term and we are happy to mention that all our programs have run smoothly according to our school calendar. The pupils have learnt quite a lot and have a number of amazing stories to tell.

Educational Visit:

We had an exciting education outing for Year 3 International pupils at the Eye Care Centre in Victoria Mall. Our visit was based on the science topic “Senses”. The Optician explained to the children how their eyes work and how to take care of their eyes. Among lessons learnt:

Dave: “I learnt that the dry stuff in my eyes is dried tears”.

Arnold: “I asked why the image on the retina is upside down but the doctor said no one knows”.

Danielle: “I learnt how the pupil works”!

Joana: “I learnt that dust is bad for our eyes so I won’t play in the dust again”.

During this term we have had quite a number of activities and still to come are the following clubs: Oratory, Yoga, Chess, and spelling bee club for year 1 and 2, football training with Teacher Bosco and Music school with Teacher Tony.

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