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Technology has become something we are very grateful for during this quarantine. Now is an exciting time for teachers and parents to work together and create a very successful learning experience for the children.  Our Cambridge Online program is now live and is the 1st of its kind in Entebbe. The Online program allows interaction …

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A big congratulations to our 2019 year 6 students for their outstanding performance on the Cambridge Primary Checkpoints. 100% of our students passed and over 60% achieved a score of very good or excellent.

Community Award

Pearl Of Africa International Primary School won the best Primary School Face of Entebbe Award for 2019, and the event was held at the Flight Motel on 25th August in Entebbe Municipality. The face of Entebbe Awards recognizes individuals and organizations who have made positive contributions to the Entebbe Municipality. The Award was presented to …

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The 1st quarter of term 2 started with a lot of excitement as pupils embarked on their science fair projects.  It was fascinating to see young scientists performing various experiments as their project work. The theme and focus of the projects was researching observable environmental problems such as deforestation, dehydration, saving plants and harvesting rainwater. …


Outing Flower Farm

On Tuesday, 26th March, Years 3-6 visited Rosebud Flower Farm. The farm sits on around 550 acres of land and grows around 1.8 tonnes of roses a year. The children were able to learn the processes involved in producing these flowers. They began in the propagation room where male stems are joined with female stems …

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Paper Craft Center

On the 26th of March, children of year 1 and 2 had an educational outing at the paper craft center.This was based on their Science unit “Going outside” which turned out to be a lot of fun but on the other hand enriching their study score.Children witnessed a lot of recycling processes which included paper …

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Educational Visit

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! We are nearly 6 weeks into the school term and we are happy to mention that all our programs have run smoothly according to our school calendar. The pupils have learnt quite a lot and have a number of amazing stories to tell. Educational Visit: We had an exciting education …

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Happy Independence Celebrations!

It is almost the first half of the term and all programs have run smoothly according to our school calendar. The International section celebrated UN’s day in a colorful manner last week on the 5th of October. Independence Day celebrations are under vigorous preparations by the National section where by children are just ready to …

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Another hub of learning opened!!!

The return of the Pearl of Africa National Teachers saw them take charge of the new block. Within   this complex block; lie spacious classeswhere learning, exchange of ideas, and exciting activities are going to take root. On the same piece of land awaits a basket ball court that will also double for other games like …

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School Hours

International Department

Key stage 1& 2
8.00 - 15.30
Pick up time
15.30 - 16.00

Lower Secondary

Key Stage 3
8.00 - 15.30
Pick up time
15.30 - 16.00

National Department
Lower Primary

P.1, 2, 3 & 4
8.00 – 15.50
Pick up time
15.50 – 16.15

Upper Primary

P.5,6 & 7
8.00 – 17.00
Pick up time
17.00 – 17.30


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