assessmentAssessment provides a whole school framework at which all different levels and perspectives merge so that educational objectives can be set and used to inform class planning, children’s next steps, resources, support, whole school objectives and training. Our assessment procedures are free from bias, stereotyping and generalisation in respect of gender, class and race. The aims of assessment in P.O.A. International Primary school are: `

  • monitor progress and support learning
  • recognise the achievements of pupils and identify any areas of development
  • inform pupils/parents of their progress and next steps
  • guide planning, teaching, additional support, curriculum development and resources
  • provide information to ensure continuity when the pupil changes school or year group
  • comply with statutory requirements

There are three main forms of assessment in Pearl of Africa International Primary School:

  • in-school formative assessment, which is used by teachers to evaluate pupils’ knowledge and understanding on a day-to-day basis and to tailor teaching accordingly;
  • in-school summative assessment, which enables schools to evaluate how much a pupil has learned at the end of a teaching period;
  • British Curriculum: nationally standardised summative assessment, which is used by the government to hold schools to account.
  • Ugandan Curriculum: national examinations


  • Pearl of Africa International Primary School is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda.

License number ME/P/6872

  • Pearl of Africa International Primary School is a Cambridge School and offers in their International Section the Cambridge Curriculum.
  • Pearl of Africa International Primary School works together with Alliance Française.

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