Outing Flower Farm

On Tuesday, 26th March, Years 3-6 visited Rosebud Flower Farm. The farm sits on around 550 acres of land and grows around 1.8 tonnes of roses a year.

The children were able to learn the processes involved in producing these flowers. They began in the propagation room where male stems are joined with female stems to produce a new plant. Some of the older children noted that this process doesn’t require pollinators.

From there they entered the Nursery to see the young plants growing. While they were in there, the misters came on and the children enjoyed being sprayed with cold water!

Eventually they reached the chiller. In here children experienced 0˚C temperatures while the flowers were boxed ready to be exported. Some children enjoyed the cold and others found it hard!

The children had a great time and learnt a lot about the processes involved. Many thanks to Rosebud Flower Farm for making us feel so welcome.

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