Nelson Mandela Day

On 18th of July Pearl of Africa celebrated Nelson Mandela Day. Nelson Mandela Day is an international day to remember and celebrate the life and legacy of former South African president Nelson Mandela. The main aim of that day of for people to serve, and so our learners did. In the previous weeks learners had gotten to know more about the Welfare School in Entebbe. This is a school for special needs children. Through a workshop from social workers, they have learned about what special needs means and about the Welfare School in general. In the meantime they encouraged family members to donate to the school. We were very happy to see, that the learners and their families were so supportive, donating many clothes, toys, foods, etcetera. On Nelson Mandela Day we visited the Welfare School. We got a tour around the school, met the teachers and children, learned some sign language and had a good time in general.

Cleopatra (6 years): ’I loved how they are teaching the children and are giving them a nice time for playing. For children they don’t have a voice, they can use their hands to help them. It is called signlanguage.They could use their hands to explain to say good morning, good evening, to sit down and to stand up. We gave out some toys and clothes, which they really liked.’

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