February 22, 2019
by pearl

Educational Visit

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year!

We are nearly 6 weeks into the school term and we are happy to mention that all our programs have run smoothly according to our school calendar. The pupils have learnt quite a lot and have a number of amazing stories to tell.

Educational Visit:

We had an exciting education outing for Year 3 International pupils at the Eye Care Centre in Victoria Mall. Our visit was based on the science topic “Senses”. The Optician explained to the children how their eyes work and how to take care of their eyes. Among lessons learnt:


Dave: “I learnt that the dry stuff in my eyes is dried tears”.

Arnold: “I asked why the image on the retina is upside down but the doctor said no one knows”.

Danielle: “I learnt how the pupil works”!

Joana: “I learnt that dust is bad for our eyes so I won’t play in the dust again”.

During this term we have had quite a number of activities and still to come are the following clubs: Oratory, Yoga, Chess, and spelling bee club for year 1 and 2, football training with Teacher Bosco and Music school with Teacher Tony.



November 23, 2018
by pearl

Tree planting to help our environment

On Friday 23rd November, Pearl of Africa International school were visited by ‘Little green hands go green’. They were aiming to visit all schools to plant fruit trees to help our environment.
Years 4 and 6 along with P.4 and 6 were invited to take part in the tree planting event.
Joseph (Y4) was able to identify both trees that were shown as guava and mango. He was given the role of our assistant Green Ambassador. Bobo (P.6) was awarded the role of Green Ambassador and will represent our school in future events.
The children enjoyed the event and are excited about the upcoming ‘Green festival’.

October 8, 2018
by pearl

Happy Independence Celebrations!

It is almost the first half of the term and all programs have run smoothly according to our school calendar.

The International section celebrated UN’s day in a colorful manner last week on the 5th of October.

Independence Day celebrations are under vigorous preparations by the National section where by children are just ready to show their traditional dances from all regions of Uganda. I can’t wait to see this!

Children of the International section are also warming up for their half term holiday which will begin on the 8th of October.

In a joyful moment, we wish you happy Independence celebrations.


October 8, 2018
by pearl

Another hub of learning opened!!!

The return of the Pearl of Africa National Teachers saw them take charge of the new block.

Within   this complex block; lie spacious classeswhere learning, exchange of ideas, and exciting activities are going to take root. On the same piece of land awaits a basket ball court that will also double for other games like hockey, volleyball and netball.

With this structure in place, learners are going to maximally tapinto theirnatural giftshitherto nurturing their talents.

What a term to reckon with!!! Watch the space …more is coming up as the term unveils.


October 2, 2018
by pearl

Non-Academic Skills

School has started! And we must not forget that we have to stay fit and active to continue our learning better throughout the year.

To help the students implement their learning in an enthusiastic environment, where they learn non-academic necessary skills besides academic accomplishments, we have started a cooking club where students are taught how to cook healthy to eat healthy. Teacher Angela is coaching her team to be an expert debater. And Teacher Enoch is guiding students to be a better thinker through chess club. All students join different clubs every Monday, 6th period.

For my year 3 students, to track their reading improvements in terms of fluency, pronunciation and adoption of new vocabularies, I use a simple sheet to keep the record. This helps me to focus drive my instruction the following week according to the learners’ necessity.

September 7, 2018
by pearl

First week of the new term

We made it to the end of the first full week of the new term!

It’s always a challenge, for both teachers and children, to adjust back to school life after a long holiday, however, the children here at Pearl of Africa International School, have done so with ease.
For me personally, the adjustment wasn’t just about moving from holiday to working mode, but also adjusting to life at a new school in a new location. For the last 3 years, I have been working and living in Kampala, and now I have shifted to be based here in Entebbe.
The staff and the children have made me feel incredibly welcome and the adjustment hasn’t been too great a challenge as a result.
So, what has been happening here at Pearl over the last week? The children have been settling well into their new classes and getting to know their new teachers. There is a calmness around the compound as the children focus in on their studies, keen to do well and make progress.
We introduced some new values to the school and the children are beginning to learn them. Occasionally, they need reminding of them, but overall, they have coped well and are working hard to ensure that they uphold them.
All the teachers have worked hard to create positive learning environments for the children using brightly coloured and informative displays.
Preparations are underway for the UN Day celebrations on the 5th October (more information to come soon). The children are engaged in learning traditional dances ready to present on that day. They are working hard to learn the moves and picking up the routines well.
Friday saw most of the children enjoy “casual Friday”, where they can wear their own clothes. They looked very colourful and smart as they modelled their outfits on the catwalk.
There are some very tired children and teachers around at the end of the week, but we can safely say this week has been a success and we hope that this will continue as we work through the term.

Tr Nikki

July 9, 2018
by pearl

2018 Sports Day

On the 5th/May/2018, our school held the annual sports day. It was a day full of fun and competition. All colors were represented by their competitors.

Pupils exhibited skills like communication, resilience, endurance and confidence.

Our pupils also took part in the annual swimming gala which had fun- filled activities like back stroke, freestyle and picking sunken objects.

Thank you all for participating and well done to everyone for your personal and collective contributions.








February 20, 2017
by pearlentebbe

Celebrate the Environment

Between 13 and 15 February 2107 our International Section celebrated the Environment. They learned about the importance of the environment and that we should work hard to keep it clean. On Tuesday the pupils went to PaperCraft in Akright City to see different types of recycling;

  • Making new products out of old paper, banana fibre and recycled glass.
  • Making bio gas out of manure.
  • Cleaning water.

They also made their own products out of banana fibre, paper and glass.

October 12, 2016
by pearlentebbe

Independence Day 2016

On Wednesday the 5th of October 2016, the pupils of Pearl of Africa School celebrated Independence Day and United Nations Day.


Display of the different regions of Uganda.


Pupils explain parents/guardians about the United Nations.


Mama Uganda celebrating Independence in Commemoration Dance.

dscf4702 Acholi dance.